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Friday, March 24, 2006

Do you 'Love Libraries'?

You may or may not have seen information about the People's Network being banded about. This is the umbrella term for the access to ICT that public libraries provide. The People's Network website allows members of the public to share good and bad reviews of books, seek answers to questions from public Librarians worldwide and explore different special collections that public libraries house. It's a really useful site, informative and entertaining in different parts.

Another website that is a part of the People's Network is a site called Love Libraries. This site is a pretty good attempt at marketing public libraries and has been followed with a national poster campaign. I think the best bit about it is the Have Your Say area where ordinary members of the public can have their say on public libraries.

You should look at the Make a Difference page if you are considering a career in public libraries. Its fully of reasons why you should do it!


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