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Monday, February 06, 2006


Hi thought I would start this Blog with a little introduction.

I am Jonathan White and I am currently a postgraduate student of Information and Library Management at Loughborough University in the UK. I also work part-time for Derbyshire County Council's Cultural and Community Services Department at Belper Library. I am temporarily covering a Local Studies post and my main area of responsibility is to organise the setting up of computer 'buddies' sessions at Ripley and Alfreton Libraries in their new learning suites.

Previously, I was based at Alfreton Library as a Graduate Trainee with Derbyshire's Library Service and the course I am now doing at Loughborough will lead to me being a professionally qualified Librarian/Library Professional.

I have set this blog up in the hope that it may give others like myself somebody to relate to and hopefully it may inspire some young people to pick a career in public libraries. It is very true that it is about a lot more than stamping books!

Anyway I will be posting a lot more on myself, my degree and my work over the coming months, so if anyone wants to comment or send me a message please feel free.



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